Monday, December 17, 2012


I get tired of people lately. I know "tis the season to be Merry", but people make that difficult. Whether they know it or not, or know it all... They just can't let anything go. Or take something the way it was meant. There is some hidden meaning. Don't act like you know me, and know what I am thinking... Or even what I meant when I blog, tweet or FB comment... You don't have access to my thought process. I love how people get this "holier-than-thou" attitude. Guess what, you live in a glass house... Yes I am talking to you! You're so quick to put words in mouth, yet you don't read everything through. You make judgments based on something you thought you read, more like 'read into' on my comment. Just stop! Worry about your own house, your own closet, your own problems. What is it with people lately? What happened that everyone feels they need to state their opinion about every thing a person says and does? And what makes them think I care? Really, I am happy you have an opinion, truly I am. I just never asked you for it. That's what your twitter account, your blog, your FB is for. Your opinion, your thoughts, your rant. Yes, I can hear it now, "but Jim, by posting this you're inviting dialogue!". Why, yes I am, guess what this is my blog. Comment on FB, comment on Twitter. That's what they're for....don't attack me personally, I may just bite back. And if you don't like what I wrote/write/state/comment/tweet, then stop following me, or unfriend me. You won't hurt my feelings.

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Just Bob said...

my feelings exactly. thank you